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Price Breakdown

There is a minimum
of 6 cookies required to place an order - this does NOT include the face & resistance cookies.


  - From £5.00 each


Gluten-Free Cookies:

  - From £6.00 each


important Notes

- All cookie prices are subject to the level of detail, size, colour, and time required for each order.

- Each cookie is handmade; therefore, there may be slight differences between them.

Face Cookies:

  - Starting from £35.00


Additional Information

- These bespoke cookies will vary depending on the individual face and the amount of detailing required.

- Provide as much information as possible when placing an order.

- For consultations, please reach out so we can schedule time to discuss your requirements.

- All face cookies are hand-painted using the finest colours and techniques.

Resin Cookies (keepsake):

  - From £5.00 per cookie

  - Should you wish to have your cookie as a keepsake, Queen of Flour can now offer a service to resin a cookie. This will allow you to keep the cookie till the end of time without having to worry about it expiring.

Resistance Art Cookies

  - From £10.00 each

  - Proceeds are donated to charity.


Special Orders

Wedding Orders: Please get in touch for pricing and details.

Corporate Orders: Please get in touch for pricing and details.


How to Order

1. Enquiry Form: Use the enquiry form to get in touch and provide detailed information about your order.

2. Formal Quote: After filling out the order form, you will receive a formal quote.

3. Deposit and Confirmation: Pay the deposit to receive confirmation of your order. No order is considered placed until the deposit is paid.



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