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Price Breakdown

Prices will vary depending on the size and complexity of the bespoke design.

There is a minimum
of 6 cookies required to place an order - this does NOT include the face cookies.

Simple Design Cookies
£3.50 each


Gluten Free Cookies

£4.00 each

This includes simple text i.e. name or number, watercolour painting and 3 colour theme.

Character Cookies
£3.50 each


Gluten Free Character Cookie

£4.00 each

£2.00 per cookie

Gold/Silver/metallic detailing, Personalised colours in addition to the 3 basic colours.
Personalised text or letters.

Face Cookies
Starting from £35.00

These bespoke cookies will vary depending on every individual face and how much detailing is required.

These cookies are all hand painted using the finest colours and techniques.

Please contact me using the enquiry form and incorporate as much information regarding your order.


Please contact me for Wedding or Corporate orders.


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