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"Believe in the Power of Flour"

How it Started

Welcome to Queen Of Flour!


My name is Ruby, however feel free to call me Queen of Flour, that will also do nicely.


Ive always had a passion for drawing, art and design. I would always subconciously doodle whenever and wherever I could...on calls, during conferences, other peoples notepads, etc. And I was always asked “Wow, did you do this!?"


Being inspired by my Asian heritage I started out as creating intricate detailed henna designs for bridal parties and guests (not to mention designing a tattoo here and there).


Fast forward to 2020, a pandemic hit and lockdown....


Whilst I had been baking personally for a number of years for family and friends, I then decided to complete a pastry course - and I LOVED it! The whole process of mixing baking and art - getting a brief from a customer, sitting down and prepping my designs, drawing them out, baking them, and then presenting them to give the wow factor.


That's how Queen of Flour was born!


Stay tuned for regular updates on bespoke cookies and posts via my page and Instagram account.  Please do reach out for any specific orders - no orders are too big or small!


Thanks for visiting,

Ruby aka QoF 

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